Turks Hold Demonstration in Support of Ecumenical Patriarchate

January 13, 2010

A demonstration in support of minorities was organized on Saturday, outside the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople, Demonstartors were shouting slogans and holding banners reading “no one would be able to touch the Patriarchate and Patriarch Bartholomew”.

The event was organized by a coalition of liberal and left organizations named “70 million steps against coups”.

Demonstrators outside the Ecumanical Patriarchate were shouting “Long Live brotherhood of peoples”, “Freedom”, “dissolve Ergenekon” and were holding banners reading in Greek “all peoples are brothers” and in Turkish “bring coup instigators and ones planning “Klovos” to Justice”.

Turkey’s justice has recently revealed that “Klovos” is a plan of some forces in the army to perform assasinations aiming towards causing incidents like September 1955 violent riots (Septemvriana).

In a statement which was read by their representative they referred to three bloody coups which took place within the past 50 years, elected mayors who are still being sent to prison, political parties being shut down, and the existence of article 301 of the Penal Code and recent assassination of the Journalist Hrad Dink.

They say that Patriarch Bartholomew would be the victim of the first planned assasination according to the “klovos” plan and stress that they neither would allow a new coup nor new “Septemvriana”.

The Coalition, which performed the demonstration today outside Phanar, was created two years ago by non–governmental organizations. “We have organized many demonstrations against police state and coup instigators” stated their representative Ms Gilsin Enen, to ANA MPA and added that “today we are demonstrating in support towards Greek citizens who have been victims of attacks. We are here preventing a new attack against Greeks and we will offer our support towards them.”

Patriarch Bartholomew was not present in Phanar at the time of the demonstration but he was informed by reporters who were on his side at his tour of Black Sea countries.

Ms. Enen stated that a greater Demonstration is being planned at the central Avenue of Istliklal Street on the 23rd of January.

Source: http://en.sae.gr/?id=18531&o=0&tag=Turks%20hold%20demonstration%20in%20Phanar%20in%20support%20of%20the%20Ecumenical%20Patriarchate&o=0

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