Serbian Soccer Player Confesses His Orthodox Faith On Turkish Field

January 4, 2011  []

The international Serbian soccer player Mateja Kežman is an aggressive player, yet off the field he is a devout Orthodox Christian. He displays this on the Turkish soccer field when he celebrates wearing a shirt with an icon of Christ, even though he plays for the Turkish side Fenerbahce.

30 year old Kežman has on his right arm many tattoos. One reads “Only God can judge me” in Serbian, a text from Elder Tadej, one of the foremost recent monastic elders in the Serbian Orthodox Church. Another is an icon of Christ. He has expressed his desire to play in Russia for various reasons, one of which is to be in a more Orthodox Christian environment.

Kežman has revealed that he loves the monastic way of life and thinks that when his career is over he will take the monastic path, preferably on Mount Athos.

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