Orthodox Faithful of Japan Ask for Prayers

March 14, 2011

The strongest earthquakes have repeated several times in Japan these days. There was an explosion at a nuclear power plant, after which the authorities started a massive evacuation of the nearby areas. There are said to be more than 1700 victims; more than 10 thousand people missing.

Immediately after the explosion at the nuclear power plant, “Orthodoxy and the World” websites’s journalist had contacted Father Nicholas Katsuban, a Russian Orthodox Church priest in Japan.

When the earthquake started, we were in the church, worship had just began, and in spite of strong aftershocks we continued to serve, to pray more fervently, although we understood what was happening. For the first time a natural disaster of such scale occurred in this country, one could not keep footing, our church was shaking. But something even more terrible happened: according to unofficial sources, a nuclear reactor in Fukushima exploded. The shocks passed along the territory of several reactors, the roof of one of them was blown down, all the constructions collapsed and an explosion occurred.

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