New Spanish-language Orthodox Catechism Forum

September 5, 2009

On September 1, 2009, the Indiction of the New Church Year, a new Spanish-language Orthodox Catechism forum also began. This new Spanish Orthodox forum is moderated by Padre Antonio Perdomo, a native of the Dominican Republic and rector of St. George’s Orthodox Church (OCA) located on the border with Mexico in Pharr, Texas, Father Perdomo also hosts a Spanish-language Orthodox discussion forum called, “Hisporto,” which began over ten years.

This new effort is meant to be a tool for sharing resources and helping catechise and transmit the Orthodox faith to those who primarily speak Spanish, both in the USA and around the world. Lives of saints, feasts and fasts, Orthodox theology and more will be shared in Spanish on a daily basis. Translators are needed to help add other segments to these daily posts. Please inquire if you have the skills and are interested.

We urge others — including Pastors — to avail themselves of this resource. Please share this subscription link with friends, family, catechumens, inquirer and clergy who would benefit from this Spanish language Orthodox resource. This effort is done on behalf of all and for all. Please join us.

For additional information, please contact Padre Antonio Perdomo at 956-781-6114.To subscribe, please go to the La Fe Ortodoxa Cristina link found at:

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