Natural Disaster in the Philippines: Appeal for Help

October 6, 2009

The Philippines is experiencing the worst outcome of a storm that affected the country in the present time in 40 years. The storm “Ondoy” (International codename: Ketsana) hit the country last Saturday. This storm could be likened to typhoon “Katrina” that slapped the U.S.A. in 2006. Storm “Ondoy” brought heavy torrents to the northern part of the Philippines (Luzon) including Metro Manila. The rainstorm was not very strong but the huge volume of rains it brought was equivalent to 1 month of rainfalls in the Philippines.

The result that “Ondoy” produced was a “virtual sea” in the city. Many parts of Metro Manila and neighboring provinces and cities were flooded. It destroyed lives, houses and properties and dislocated almost 500,000 families (Philippine Star Newspaper: as of this writing, with 100 persons confirmed dead and 86 still missing, not to mention those heavily affected by unwanted illnesses.

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