Metropolitan Hilarion Advises US Vice President on Life of Orthodox Believers in America

March 11, 2011  []

Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, head of the Synodal Department for External Church Relations, told US Vice President Joe Biden about the Russian Orthodox Church and its external relations, including the relations with the Orthodox jurisdictions in America and the Moscow Patriarchate parishes in the USA.

The Department for External Church Relations told Interfax-Religion about a Thursday meeting between Metropolitan Hilarion and Joe Biden who is currently on an official visit to Moscow.

US Vice President expressed his wish to meet Metropolitan Hilarion during one of Metropolitan’s next visits to the USA to further discuss the issues addressed at their meeting on Thursday.

Metropolitan Hilarion presented Joe Biden with his book “Orthodox Witness in a Modern Age” in the English language.

Earlier today, Vice President held the expanded meeting with representatives of Russian public organizations involving religious figures, such as Metropolitan Hilarion, Head of the Russian Council of Muftis Ravil Gainutdin, representatives of Jewish community and Pentecostal Bishop Sergey Ryakhovsky.

After the meeting, Sergey Ryakovsky told Interfax-Religion that he particularly liked Biden’s approach because the word “resetting”, which Biden had repeated in his address about ten times, had a broader meaning than just declaring the slogan Peace to the World.

“Conversely, such resetting shall set up the relations when the parties listen to each other and even in dispute pursue peaceful and reasonable decisions, rather than controversy like they did during the Cold War,” Ryakhovsky expressed the essence of Biden’s speech.

“We as religious leaders could not help but express our satisfaction with such an approach. God called us for peace and we should join our efforts facing the threat of global terrorism, extremism and disappearing spiritual life,” Ryakhovsky told.


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