Climategate U-Turn’s

February 18, 2010

Note: this article is noteworthy given the Ecumenical Patriarch’s outspoken support for initiatives which combat climate change.

“I am compelled to fear that science will be used to promote the power of dominant groups rather than to make men happy.” ~ Bertrand Russell, Icarus, or the Future of Science, 1925

What the world is witnessing in the IPCC case is astonishing — perhaps unprecedented. Within a few months, a solid international consensus has unraveled. It began days before a huge international conference in Copenhagen that was to impose draconian measures on world governments to curb carbon emissions. Emails leaked or stolen revealed something rotten at the IPCC, the international clearinghouse for climate science. Climate skeptics immediately smelled blood; their criticisms went viral on the internet. It didn’t help that Copenhagen suffered one of its coldest winters as politicians traipsed through the snow and cold to figure out how to fight global warming. Relevant or not, the irony was not lost on the public.

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