Archbishop Miron Died in a Plane Crash in Russia

April 11, 2010

Archbishop Miron (Chodakowski) Orthodox Ordinary of the Polish Army, Brigadier General and Bishop of Hajnówka, was killed this morning in the crash of the presidential aircraft Tu-154. This information was confirmed by official website of Orthodox Autocephalous Church in Poland. Archbishop Miron was a member of the presidential delegation at today’s 70th celebrations anniversary of the Katy? massacre.

The plane crashed as it approached Smolensk. No-one of the 88 passengers, among whom were Lech Kaczynski, his wife, scores of other senior Polish figures and 8 crewmembers survived. The cause of the disaster was likely very dense fog. The plane had difficulty when approaching the airport, it’s wing hit trees and plain burst into flames.

Metropolitan Sawa celebrated in the cathedral of St. Mary Magdalene’s funeral service for the victims of disaster.

Eternal memory to them!
Christ is Risen!

Biography of Archbishop Miron (by Stefan Dmitruk):

Miroslaw Chodakowski was born on 21 October 1957 in Bialystok. He graduated primary school in Bialystok ,Orthodox Seminary in Warsaw and Higher Orthodox Seminary in Jableczna.

17 December 1978 he was tonsured in Rassophore, and 9 days later was ordained a deacon. 15 February 1979 he was ordained to hieromonk. In November 1979, Metropolitan of Warsaw and the whole Polish Basil has tonsured in Small Schema hieromonk Miroslaw with the name Miron.

Hieromonk Miron served as governor of the monastery church. St. Humphrey the Great in Jableczna. He was Rector of the Orthodox Theological Seminary. In 1984 he was elevated to the dignity ihumen, adopted as part of the clergy Bialystok-Gdansk diocese and appointed pastor of the parish church of Annunciation of Our Lady in Supra?l. In 1990, elevated to the rank of archimandrite and was appointed governor of the monastery in Supra?l.

11 May 1998, in accordance with the decision of the Council of Bishops of Orthodox Autocephalous Church in Poland, was held at the ingress archimandrite Miron bishop of Hajnówka diocese. 15 August 1998, the Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski appointed bishop Miron Brigadier General and Orthodox Ordinary of Polish Army.

In 2003 he earned a doctorate in theology from the Church’s history at the Christian Theological Academy. 10 May 2008 Bishop Miron was raised to the rank of archbishop.

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