Recap: Archbishop Rowan William’s Lecture at St. Vladimir’s

February 9, 2010

Lydia Berzonsky writes a commentary at on the Anglican Archbishop Rowan William’s recent lecture at St. Vladimir’s:

Walking up the steps of the library at Saint Vladimir’s Seminary to the convocation room, one noticed how many people were crowding the lobby, buying books, conversing with one another. Guests quickly filled up any remaining space, as they waited to be let through the main doors, young seminarians in cassocks rushing in and out in preparation for the lecture. It was announced that there would be only a few places to sit for guests without tickets – and standing room only in the back. The rest of the room was roped off for VIPs and Saint Vladimir students. Other rooms in the library were set up for the live telecast of the event for anyone not able to crowd into the main room.

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