Is Eastern Orthodoxy Christian?

October 18, 2009

Editor’s Note: A thoroughly disturbing attack against Orthodoxy is taking place in the form of Dr. Robert A. Morey’s recent book entitled “Is Eastern Orthodoxy Christian?” After demonstrating the magnitude of this attack, we will give specific steps that you — our readers — can take to defend our Holy Faith.

The book “Is Eastern Orthodoxy Christian?” by Dr. Robert A. Morey is available on and contains a  misguided and venomous attack against Orthodoxy. An exhaustive review of Dr. Morey’s book on the web site shows just how far Dr. Morey will go to distort and misrepresent historic Christian doctrines which we hold dear.

Dr. Morey apparently believes the Orthodox do not qualify as Christians:

Dr. Robert A. Morey, defines, documents, and refutes the group of religions that go by the name “Eastern Orthodoxy,” in his latest book Is Eastern Orthodoxy Christian? With a title that intentionally begs the question, the book serves as a helpful resource for Christian apologists and evangelists that desire to defend the faith and win the lost for Christ. Source

He believes Orthodoxy is full of pagan doctrines and rituals:

With an extensive section on the Hellenization of Eastern Orthodoxy, Dr. Morey provides documented proof that is beyond refutation that from its beginning, Eastern Orthodox theology was molded and shaped by pagan doctrines and rituals. Source

Dr. Morey ties Orthodoxy to Hinduism and Buddhism:

Not beating around the bush at all, Dr. Morey begins this chapter with, “The historical origins of the doctrine, experience, and techniques of deification have been traced back by Orthodox scholars to the ancient Eastern mysticism found in Hinduism and Buddhism.  This is well-documented and beyond refutation.” (pg. 67) Source

He believes icons are worshiped and are interlinked with pagan doctrines and rituals:

Dr. Morey concludes this chapter with, “The connection between the pre-Christian pagan doctrine of deification and icon/relic worship in Eastern Orthodoxy is obvious. When the pagans took over the Orthodox Church, they brought their belief in apotheosis and their worship of icons/relics with them. The icon worship practiced today in every Orthodox Church was originally practiced by pagans before Jesus was born.” (pg. 116) Source

Dr. Morey believes that the Fathers of the church are “frauds”:

Appendix A informs us, “Most, if not nearly all of the writings attributed to the ‘fathers’ of the Orthodox and Catholic Church have been discredited as frauds.”  Dr. Morey also discusses the unreliability of the creeds. Source

You can learn more about Dr. Morey from his online bio at

What can Orthodox Christians do to correct this misleading and offensive work? How can we keep these false teachings about Orthodoxy from confusing those seeking the truth about Orthodoxy?

We encourage you to visit the book review page on and make a loving, thoughtful review to serve as a corrective to Dr. Morey’s misleading book. We also encourage you to pray for Dr. Morey. Like the Apostle Paul before his conversion, he is zealously persecuting the Apostolic Church, but — like Paul — he may yet come to understand and repent from his misdirected ways.

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