Fr. Ted Memorializes Archbishop Job, Telling Truth of +Job’s Bravery

January 26, 2010

Fr. Ted Bobosh writes his perspective on the OCA’s Archbishop Job displaying bravery in the face of corruption and personal threats:

In one conversation I had with him in what were for him the most horrible days of his life, I could only say to him, “Let them take away your episcopacy, but never let them take your Christianity from you.” He didn’t, even when he had to humble himself before those who were devious or deviant. In the end, even when investigations revealed the depth and breadth of the scandal in the OCA’s chancery and synod, he wished to be reconciled to those he still saw as his brothers in Christ. They mocked him and tried to destroy him, but he never really understood them in that way.

Fr. Ted concludes:

He did understand a Christian end to his life — one can enter into Christ’s kingdom without being a bishop, but not without being a Christian. He was a true witness to what it takes to live at peace with others – self denial, kenotic love, self sacrifice and the willingness to take up one’s cross to follow Christ.

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