Archbishop Demetrios On The Way Out?

January 20, 2010  []

Fr. Johannes Jacobse analyzes the recent media clash over Archbishop Demetrios’ alleged handling of two orphans:

The National Herald reported on January 15, 2010 on the plight of two Congolese boys who were not allowed to join St. Basil’s Academy by Abp. Demetrios of the GOA (See: Archbishop Demetrios’ Handling of Request to Help Two Orphans Creates Crisis). The boys, born of a Greek father and Congolese mother, recently lost their father and their mother is dying of cancer. Having no relatives in the Congo, relatives in America approached the Archdiocese to see if the children could live at St. Basil’s. The answer according to the National Herald was no.

It was a no heard round the world, at least in Greek circles, and soon newspapers were buzzing with the alleged cold-heartedness of Abp. Demetrios. New York lost no time at damage control. (See: Archdiocese Statement on Case of Orphaned Children)

Fr. Johannes concludes:

It appears Constantinople is building the framework for removal: escalating a bureaucratic mistake into a question of moral fitness; shaping that question into a hot-button issue that tugs at the heart-strings so that plausibility is fostered; launching a preemptive attack by a figure close to the Ecumenical Patriarch yet shielding the EP at the same time if the attack backfires (plausible deniability); implying as clearly as possible that Abp. Demetrios is not fit to lead.


Watch closely. This story is not really about two boys needing a home (that problem could have been solved with a couple of phone calls), but about moving Abp. Demetrios into retirement. (Source)

Read Fr. Johannes’ full article here:

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