Orthodox Icons Depict St. Nicholas as Gaunt and Serious Man

December 14, 2009

It wouldn’t be surprising for children gathering at a Feast of St. Nicholas celebration to expect a visit from a world-renowned giver of gifts. But what may surprise many is that he wouldn’t be arriving in a reindeer-drawn sleigh or be dressed in a red suit. Instead, the icon of generosity would be draped in shining red and gold vestments and crowned with a bishop’s mitre.

And instead of receiving gifts from a bulging bag of goodies, the children would be bringing a gift for less fortunate kids and assembling care packages for children living in a local shelter.

“It’s in keeping with what St. Nicholas embodies for the church,” said Rev. Christopher Rigden-Briscall, priest at Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church in Waterloo.

“He’s an example of humility and a teacher of abstinence.”

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