Free Christmas Book — “On The Incarnation”

December 23, 2010  [, ]

By Stan Shinn

Why did God become a child? Why did Christ have to suffer? And what did His death mean for our human condition? The answers to these questions, as taught by the early church, are summed up in this amazing treatise by St. Athanasius, Archbishop of Alexandria, who lived three hundred years after Christ came. A very timely book as we celebrate Christ’s incarnation this Christmas season.

I’ve created this free 50 page PDF (based on the free, public domain text from and formatted it to be very readable and pleasing to the eye. If you haven’t yet read this amazing treatise, you owe it to yourself to ponder this summation of early church teachings on the meaning of Christ becoming Man. Click here to download it.

Note: the original text is from the public domain text at, the open collection of early Christian classics where you can find many other amazing texts. You can also read more about St. Athanasius here:

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