+Philip Condemns OCANews.org; Editor Responds

October 6, 2009

Following OCANews.org charges of financial impropriety, forged documents, and questionable support of an Antiochian bishop who is a registered sex offender, Metropolitan Philip has been vocal in denouncing Mark Stokoe and his OCA News web site. One quote from a recent article:

This is not the first time Metropolitan Philip has attacked OCANews.org or its editor, Mark Stokoe, by name. According to transcripts of the last Board of Trustees meeting, held in June 2009, the Metropolitan mentioned “that website of Mark Stokoe” at least three times. In his speech to the Archdiocesan convention in Palm Desert in July the Metropolitan upped his attacks, referring to the “lies that were posted on Mark Stokoe’s website”. (You can read his speech in the latest Word magazine available here.) But this attack has the Metropolitan denouncing not only Stokoe’s website, but Mark Stokoe personally.

(Source: http://tinyurl.com/yaolwcc)

OCANews.org Editor, Mark Stokoe, responded to the Metropolitan’s public comments here:


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