OCA Diocese Adopts Resolution Regarding Metropolitan Jonah

March 30, 2011

The OCA’s Diocese of the West today announced a resolution on their web site urging changes by the Synod aimed at “calling its Primate to accountability.” OCANews.org summarizes the resolution here:

In a unanimous resolution¬†adopted yesterday afternoon,¬†the Diocesan Council of the Diocese of the West publicly recognized “a significant disruption” in the relationship between the Synod and the Primate of the OCA, Metropolitan Jonah, and called on the Synod ” to exercise its pastoral care for the entire Church by calling its Primate to accountability.”

The 20 member body, composed of 13 priests (6 elected clergy, 5 District Deans, the clergy MC member, and the Chancellor) and 6 elected lay members, headed by the Ruling Bishop, +Benjamin, reaffirmed the “conciliar nature and polity” of the OCA, dismissing the idea that the Primate is “ a sovereign authority who acts independently and without reference to his peers, the diocesan bishops.” (source)

Read more here and here.


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