Man Creates Church that Fuses Orthodox and Pentecostal Worship

February 18, 2010  []

Editor’s note: This priest is not in communion with the canonical Orthodox churches but his actions are nonetheless receiving attention in the mainstream media.

The Denver Post — Archbishop P. Gregory Schell preaches in front of an Orthodox painting in the People’s Cathedral in Denver, Sunday, January 31, 2010. Schell’s spiritual journey has taken him all over the map. Raised Catholic, he would leave the church and become a Pentecostal pastor with an Assemby of God Church in Louisiana before circling back to a sacramental, liturgical and mystical form of religion — the Eastern Orthodox version of ancient Christianity, except he has formed his own American expression of this brand of faith, which he calls the Christian Orthodox Church of America. He calls it convergent Christianity because he fuses Eastern Orthodoxy, American culture and Pentecostal (Protestant) worship forms. There are a handful of parishes and missions scattered from Pennsylvania to Texas.

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