Let The Bishops In Humility Lay Down Their Crowns

April 12, 2010

Constantine S. Sirigos, writing in a National Herald editorial regarding the recent clergy sexual misconduct scandals in both the Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches, proposes a novel way to limit clericalism in light of the “apparent indifference or unwillingness of religious authorities to act to prevent further abuse and punish the guilty.” (source). Mr. Sirigos says:

Let the Patriarchs of New Rome and Old Rome meet in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and, together, lay down their crowns, the Patriarch, the crown given his remote predecessor by Mehmet II, Turkish conqueror of Constantinople (Orthodox bishops did not wear crowns before the Ottoman period), and the Pope, his triple tiara.

Let them declare they will not wear those crowns for the remainder of their tenure, and invite the hierarchs in places that have been poisoned by these scandals to do the same.

Let us hope that such an act of Christian humility sends a message to all hierarchs and clergy that the ineffectiveness if not indifference of the past regarding these horrors must end. Maybe then, the victims and their families might forgive, and the churches can begin to heal.

Read the full article (requires a paid subscription).

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