Orthodox Priest Asks: “Why Can’t We All Get Along?”

January 23, 2010  []

MADISON, WI — Why can’t we all just get along? A new book titled “Neighbors, Strangers, and Everyone Else” gives insight and inspiration from an Orthodox Christian perspective, now available to everyone. But this book is more than just that. It is also a historic record of interfaith and ecumenical activity in Wisconsin. It is also the personal disclosure of the difficulties of living with others in diversity.

“Neighbors, Strangers, and Everyone Else” is a unique book and collection of insightful and inspiring words on topics of co-existence from Rev. Fr. John-Brian Paprock. It is dedicated to the author’s son, Christopher, and all the children of the better world that is around the corner.

“Neighbors, Strangers, and Everyone Else” includes transcripts of speeches and sermons of Fr. John-Brian Paprock during the last 15 years on this difficult subject of co-existence. It discloses the hopes and dreams, the experiences and insight, from an Orthodox Christian priest confronted with the demonstration of God’s love in a pluralistic world.

“‘Neighbors, Strangers, and Everyone Else’ is an amazing body of work — not just the compilation itself, but the witness over a number of years that Fr. John-Brian has made to understanding and outreach as a way of life which it represents,” wrote Alexander Patico of the Orthodox Peace Fellowship of North America. “I was able to learn a great deal from what Fr. John-Brian wrote and to get to know Fr. John-Brian and his thought — Fr. John-Brian certainly has progressed as time went on, in his powers of expression and his profundity.”

“Fr. John-Brian is an excellent communicator. He has a way with words and ideas. I think this work, “Neighbors, Strangers, and Everyone Else,” will be a great contribution to inter-religious dialog. Autobiographical element makes it appealing,” wrote John Kunnathu, founder of the worldwide Gregorian Study Circle, founded in honor and memory of H.G. Paulos Mar Gregorios, Indian Orthodox bishop of New Delhi.

“Neighbors, Strangers, and Everyone Else” covers the topics of personal and interpersonal, the religious and the secular, and friends and enemies as topics of concern in modern society:
Part 1 – Faith and Interfaith;
Part 2 – Human Rights;
Part 3 – Friends and Enemies;
Part 4 – War and Peace;
Part 5 – Non-Violence from a Christian Perspective

“Neighbors, Strangers, and Everyone Else” is now available at Amazon.com (search for title or “Paprock”) and at Holy Transfiguration Publications internet store: www.lulu.com/transfiguration.com.

Rev. Fr. John-Brian Paprock is an American priest serving a multi-ethnic Orthodox Christian mission parish in Madison, Wisconsin. He has been involved in ecumenical and interfaith efforts in the community for over 15 years, participating in 1988 in one of the oldest continuous dialogue groups, Madison Interfaith Dialogue group, soon after its initial meeting. He has president of Madison Urban Ministry in 1990 and was the religion reporter at WORT-FM in the early 1990s. In 1995, he was one of the founders of Madison Area Interfaith Network and coordinated events and conferences for interfaith service, education and leadership. In 1998, he wrote the Wisconsin proclamation of Interfaith Awareness Week, signed by the Governor every year since.

Source: http://frjohbrian.blogspot.com/2010/01/new-book-by-fr-john-brian.html

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