OCA Town Hall Meeting Discussed Dallas Cathedral Concerns

May 16, 2011  []

The Byzantine, TX blog writes:

Locum Tenens of the Diocese of the South, Bishop Nikon, on being told there was unrest at St. Seraphim’s Cathedral, travelled to Dallas last week. He spent time with local clergy and laity during the week with a town hall held last Saturday for people to air their concerns on a number of topics. These topics included some issues related to Bishop Mark (administrator of the diocese and hopeful for the open episcopal spot): removal of the blessing of a priest from serving at the cathedral, the perceived changes in the way services are done at the cathedral, the forwarding of emails from Fr. Joseph Fester’s email account to the Holy Synod and/or Mark Stokoe of OCANews, if he could be release from his duties or told to perform them somewhere else.

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