OCA Synod and Council Meet in Chicago

May 7, 2011  []

The OCA Holy Synod Minutes are now posted on OCA web site. The OCA’s Metropolitan Council concluded it’s spring session and included a summary of recent events here.

What does it all mean? OCANews gives it’s take:

The Synod of Bishops of the OCA met in a delayed Spring Session May 2-3 in Chicago, followed immediately by a delayed joint meeting with the Metropolitan Council on May 4; which in turn was followed by a scheduled second day of meetings between an expanded Lesser Synod and the Metropolitan Council on May 5th. The delays were caused by the postponement of the previously scheduled meetings by Metropolitan Jonah. To accommodate his schedule all sessions were held at Christ the Saviour Church, which is adjacent to the Midwest Diocesan Center, in downtown Chicago.

The resolutions passed by each body fully express the tenor, tone and consensus achieved at each meeting. In short, the decisions that emerged tell all.

Read the full summary here.

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