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February 23, 2010  []

Oklahoma-based theologian James L. Kelley, a graduate student at the University of Oklahoma, spent the last weekend in Louisville at a conference on culture and theology called the Climacus Conference at St. Michael’s Antiochene Orthodox Church.  His new book A Realism of Glory: Lectures on Christology in the Works of Protopresbyter John Romanides (104 pp., tpb, $11.95) gives readers an introduction to one of the fastest-growing religions in the world–Orthodox Christianity.  This feat he accomplishes through an analysis of the early writings of the Greek-American theologian John Romanides (1927-2001), whose writings have gained a large following both inside and outside of theological circles due in part to the popularity of the website

Author Joseph P. Farrell says that James L. Kelley “has an engaging and entertaining style of composition, and I am even tempted to say that it is elegant, for he often makes use of the techniques of rhetoric  when the moment calls for them.”  Indeed, Kelley’s volume will be essential reading for any who are interested in the kind of theological debates that are swirling around in the air at places such as Fordham University, where a recent conference (represented in the book Orthodox Readings of Augustine) saw fireworks ignite, the name on everyone’s lips being “John Romanides.”

Realism of Glory has a lot to offer those not drawn to theological controversy, however.  Kelley, in summing up and analyzing the writings of an exceptional theological mind like Fr. John’s, presents a cogent overview of Orthodox Christian theology, one that always has an eye towards the practical side of the Christian life.  Reading Realism of Glory, one wonders why “devotional” Christian books are put in a separate section in Christian book stores.  Romanides and Kelley’s message, that theology and worship, far from being opposed, are rather one and the same, will shake many a complacent pew-percher to their foundations.  Not that anyone from these parts will take it ill:  Kelley’s Realism of Glory reminds us revivalist Americans that getting shaken up is not necessarily a bad thing.

ISBN 978-1-933275-37-6

To place orders for this book, contact:

Daryle Lamoreaux,
Orthodox Research Institute
20 Silver Lane
Rollinsford, NH 03869

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