FBI Investigates Embezzlement of $1 Million in Greek Orthodox Church

December 7, 2009  []

channel-8-greek-orthodox-church-embezzlementFollowing a meeting of more than 150 members of a Connecticut Greek Orthodox church who met at an emergency meeting Sunday night, it appears as much as a million dollars may have been embezzled.

According to a news report:

Members of Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church in Orange have turned to the FBI for help after discovering an embezzlement scheme may have drained them of a whole lot of cash.

The church on Racebrook Road has been undergoing a $6 million expansion project, and as much as a million dollars may have been embezzled, making it difficult for the church to recoup and continue the project.

“I feel bad, I feel very, very bad. I don’t know where we are going to find the money. We have a lot of bills to pay,” said Alexander Zachary, a parishioner at St. Barbara’s.

In a statement to News Channel 8, attorney for the church, John Martini said, “Saint Barbara’s is a possible victim of financial fraud committed by one or more other people. We are now working and cooperating with the FBI in connection with its investigation of the facts and circumstances relating to this matter.”

Read the full article along with a related video here:


The Connecticut church’s web site is here:


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