DC’s St. Nicholas Cathedral Keeps Memory of Veterans Alive

June 4, 2010  [, ]

[WASHINGTON, DC | OCA] Saint Nicholas Cathedral here invites all Orthodox parishes in the US to add the names, ranks, and photographs of their US military veterans to the newly established Orthodox Veterans Memorial Webpage, an expression of the cathedral’s ongoing commitment to pray for departed Orthodox Christians.

“Our chaplains serve Orthodox of all jurisdictions and as such our War Memorial will honor all Orthodox whose names have been submitted to be honored,” wrote his Beatitude, Metropolitan Jonah, in a letter to the faithful and friends of the cathedral. “We must never forget their sacrifice and those who came before who have, as Abraham Lincoln so eloquently stated in his Gettysburg Address, ‘given their last full measure of devotion.’”

Read full article at: http://www.oca.org/news/2173

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