Orthodox Christians Celebrate Independence in America

October 31, 2009  []

A Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article reports on divided Orthodoxy which is now in serious dialog concerning moving towards unity.

America is now divided into overlapping ethnic jurisdictions, most of which answer to a church in Eastern Europe or the Middle East. Many of those overseas churches had squelched talk of autocephaly for their mission dioceses in places such as the Americas and Australia. But in June they unanimously called for all bishops in each of those regions to assemble and make decisions about their own territories.

“It is a transition that will lead us, as quickly as possible, to our goal of a united, autocephalous American Church,” said Metropolitan Jonah, national leader of the Russian-rooted Orthodox Church in America. The Russian Orthodox Church declared his church autocephalous in 1970, but that wasn’t recognized by other patriarchs, leaving Metropolitan Jonah’s status in the new body uncertain.

Read more:  http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/09304/1009758-84.stm#ixzz0VXxej9Hn

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