Orthodox Bishop Who Fought Corruption Dies

December 19, 2009

From the Chicago Tribune:

‘Archbishop Job, the head of the Orthodox Church in America in Chicago and the Midwest, died unexpectedly Friday morning, according to a church official. He was 63.

The archbishop rose to national prominence in recent years as he took a stance against alleged financial mismanagement and corruption among the church’s national leaders. One church leader called for his discipline simply because he asked for an investigation into wrongdoing.

A probe was conducted that led to the resignations of several church officials from the national governing board.

“He truly believed what he preached. He believed in honesty and integrity,” said Fr. John Adamcio, rector at Holy Trinity, the seat of the Chicago diocese. “These things he did were indeed noble and honorable.”

Still, those efforts took a great toll on Archbishop Job, and he planned to retire next year to southwestern Pennsylvania, Adamcio said, “in his own words, to look after the salvation of his own soul.”‘

Read the full article: http://tinyurl.com/ygflfht

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