More People Turning to the Occult For Help

May 21, 2010

(UK, News of the World) — It appears that increasing numbers of people are turning to the occult for guidance. A recent poll showed 60 per cent of Brits had visited a medium or mystic and 71 per cent believe they can predict the future. With readings now offered in department stores and high-profile celebs seeking guidance from psychics, it seems they are taking over the role of counsellors, offering support on everything from relationships to careers.

It’s a trend celebrity psychic Jayne Wallace has seen growing. “We are the new therapists,” she says. “People have always believed in the paranormal, but now it’s become more acceptable to admit it. Consulting a psychic doesn’t have the same stigma as seeing a counsellor and we can give people a peek into the future. A reading shows people new opportunities.”

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