AOI Observer Reports Latest on +Demetrios Controversy

January 29, 2010

Is “Ophangate” resolved? The AOI Observer reports the latest on the +Demetrios controversy:

Well, the New York-Constantinople brouhaha seems resolved — sort of (see: Abp. Demetrios on the way out?). You still wonder though why a hierarch wrote of Abp. Demetrios in terms we could charitably call disparaging over what should have been an easily resolvable dispute. It’s all a misunderstanding Constantinople assures us, even though it took a synodal meeting to reach this conclusion.

Metropolitan Theoliptos, the hierarch who wrote the screed, allegedly went rogue. But shouldn’t public disparagement (“conscienceless shepherd”) call for a public apology? After all, if you besmirch a man in public, you owe him an apology in public.

What we see instead is reassurance that the Ecumenical Patriarch supports Abp. Demetrios alongside the statement that the majority of the synod did not want to send out the release. Yet the EP’s support is qualified.

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