April 25, 2009

FAQs about submitting news and events to Orthodox Beacon. After you understand the process, then feel free to contact us with news.

What news or events will you publish?

Orthodox Beacon provides Orthodox news and events of interest to Orthodox. When you submit a news item, we will 1) publish a one-paragraph summary on our homepage which links to a longer article and 2) publish a full-length article (based on the text you provide).

Which Types of Church Events Can I Publish?

The rule of thumb is: events which are tied to Sunday services are generally not advertised (as attending these would conflict with the services and events of your “home” church, e.g. Sunday morning catechism classes), whereas uncommon or events tailored to be pan-Orthodox (such as special liturgies or bible studies held on a weeknight or Saturday) certainly qualify.

If in doubt, contact us with questions!

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